Resonance Repeat, Resonance and Interval Silver Grey

Reinventing the concept of bespoke wallpaper, the YY collection is made for those who want the benefits of a personalised wall without the bespoke lead times.
Each YY design is printed on standard rolls measuring 625 mm width by 3 000 mm height. This allows for every design within a same colour theme to be mixed and matched with the others to form a continuous repeat or a feature display on a part of your wall that gently spreads out into the background.

Resonance Silver Grey

Resonance Tokyo

Resonance Rustic

Resonance Repeat Silver Grey

Resonance Repeat Sunny Beige

Resonance Repeat Tokyo

Resonance Repeat Chalk

Resonance Repeat Chalk

Resonance Repeat Rustic

Resonance Repeat Phase

Phase Background

Resonance Repeat China

Resonance Repeat Copper

Resonance Repeat Blue

Silver Grey Background

Sunny beige Background

Tokyo Background

Echo Silver Grey

Echo Silver Grey

Echo Tokyo

Echo Sunny Beige

Interval Tokyo

Interval Chalk

Interval Chalk

Interval Silver Grey

Interval Silver Grey

Interval Sunny Beige

Interval Sunny Beige

Scarab Chalk

Scarab China

Scarab Tokyo

Scarab Copper

Scarab Blue
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