Welcome to Meystyle

Meystyle is a London-based design company specialising in LED wallpaper, an exclusive technology pioneered in 2004.
Meystyle's mission is to rescue walls from the background, integrating bold patterns with LEDs and crystals to create a deep visual experience that transforms walls and wallpaper into works of art.

Unique bespoke solutions

At Meystyle each roll of LED wallpaper is individually hand-made, which enables us to make patterns that are tailored to their environments. The client has the possibility to customise virtually any aspect of the final design: from its scale to the colour scheme, from the number of incorporated LEDs to the way the pattern is laid out to complement other fixtures in the room.

Modern day artisanry

We pride ourselves on fostering what we call 'modern day artisan techniques.' At Meystyle technology fuses with the tradition of hand-made crafts. We fit each crystal and LED by hand, using exclusive techniques to ensure the best results. We only use the very best materials available on the market. Every single roll is individually tested and packaged by our team to make sure it complies with our high quality standards.

A wide range of exclusive materials

We are at the forefront of digital printing, adopting the latest technologies available on the market to transfer our designs onto wall covering substrates. We use both Eco-solvent and HP Latex inks which represent the very best options in terms of quality of the print and eco-friendliness. We also pride ourselves of introducing a range of innovative materials including luminous natural silks, metallic meshes and soft cottons, that add a touch of warmth and luxury to any environment.
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